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Eorzean Museum Network

The EMN is a cooperative network of free, player-run, cultural venues in Final Fantasy XIV.

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If you would like to become an EMN member, please check our information page for more details on how to join us.

Eorzean Museum Network


The goal of the Eorzean Museum Network is to encourage, support, and share cultural venues and events in Final Fantasy XIV.

Venue Qualifications

  • Must be publicly accessible, inclusive, and not charge any admission fees.

  • Presents one or more aspects of Final Fantasy XIV in an organized and logical fashion.

  • Operates respectfully and supportively towards all of the Final Fantasy XIV community.

  • Follows the Terms of Service for Final Fantasy XIV.
    Final Fantasy XIV User Agreement

EMN Member Benefits

  • Support in sharing your venue's events and news across Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.

  • Cultural venue management and design support.

  • Access to the Eorzean Museum Network community.

  • Get featured and included on the Eorzean Museum Network website.

  • Be a part of the growing number of museum venues in Final Fantasy XIV.

If your venue fits under the Eorzean Museum Network guidelines, or you have an idea for a future venue but need support in creating it, please reach out by sending a DM to the Eorzean Museum Network Twitter or joining our Discord server!

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Eorzean Museum Network


Eorzean Museum Network

EMN Passport

What is the EMN Passport?

The EMN Passport was inspired by museums, national parks, and other places in real life that offer collectable ink stamps for visitors' stampbooks. We hope this FFXIV version will be a fun way for players to keep track of all the different EMN venues they visit!

EMN passport decorated

How do I make my own passport stampbook?

We don't have any real stamps, but many volunteers have created artwork for all the existing EMN venues that you can visit, as well as other bonus "stamps" for fun personal achievements.Feel free to download any of the images linked in the button below and print them out to decorate your own scrapbook. Or you could edit something together digitally if that's what you prefer. It's your own personal stampbook, so customize it as much as you want!If you don't want to make your own EMN Passport from scratch, there's also a printable letter-sized template available that you can fold and cut into a small zine. (Folding Instructions by 42nd Street)

Images are available for personal use only and not commercial use. Please do not heavily edit the images; not all volunteers are comfortable with their designs being modified.

How do I "earn" stamps?

Add a stamp to your EMN Passport whenever you go to one of our many venues as a fun way to keep track of where you've visited!We also have some special stamps as a bonus:

  • Sprout: First-time visitor to a venue in the EMN

  • Message Book: Left a note in a message book

  • Party Finder: Visited a venue with at least one other guest

  • Globetrotter: Visited a venue from a different region than the one you usually play on

EMN passport decorated

A.C. Esq (EMN Logo, Eorzean Aquariums)
Caleene Velris (Gardens of Babylon)
DragonBardic (Academie Draconis)
Duns Mordio (Namafel Aquatic Museum)
Innis (The Faculty of Conchology)
magicalquill (Fish Prints Museum, the Nature Museum,
Ocean Conservation House, Sygnus Curiosities, the Tranquil Retreat)
Nyslala (Museum Eorzea, Softly's Art Gallery)
Rizu Callyn (Party Finder)
Tallis Nbenra (Blue Cat Treasures)
Viiperfish (Trillium Gardens)
…and Anonymous Pictomancers!

Academie Draconis

Academie Draconis

Server: Maduin, Dynamis DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 9, Plot 17
Academie Draconis is an academic facility and museum for studying all things dragon and how dragons have impacted life on our star. We promote peaceful coexistence with, and understanding of, dragons; there is always more to learn and discover! We host researchers from all over the star and the work is ongoing. Amelie Fortemps serves as our Curator.

Baldesion Aetheronautic Institute room with Ironworks tools mounted on the wall, an Etheirys globe, and an Emerald Weapon bust in a glass display.

The Baldesion Aetheronautic Institute

Server: Coeurl, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Goblet, Ward 24, Plot 20
The Baldesion Aetheronautic Institute (B.A.I.) is Eorzea's foremost institution for the study of airships, mobile weapons, and other aetheronautic phenomena. It serves two purposes: first, to educate the broader Eorzean populace about the benefits and dangers of technologies like airships and mobile weapons. Second, to research previous iterations of these creations and explore possible future uses for them, practicing the utmost safety.

Room in the Big Fish House with aquarium fish in tanks and prints.

The Big Fish House

Server: Goblin, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Mist, Ward 1, Plot 52
The Big Fish House is home to all the big fish of Etheirys (as of patch 6.55). Whether it's in an aquarium tank or an ink print, every big fish is here!!

Blue Cat Treasures interior showing various plushies, figurines, and paintings.

Blue Cat Treasures

Server: Goblin, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 23, Plot 51
Blue Cat Treasures is a collection of memorabilia and souvenirs gathered by Tallis Nbenra throughout her journey across Etheirys. Featured within the collection include the many wonderful, whimsical, and worrisome replicas of the Warrior of Light’s friends, familiars, and foes. The displays of Blue Cat Treasures showcase every stuffed animal and figurine available to a well-traveled adventurer, as well as a full set of limited-run holiday figurines.


Server: Goblin, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 2, Main Division Apartment 11
The Annex displays a rotating collection of trophies and relics acquired from the fearsome foes vanquished by the Warrior of Light. From relics of Allag to the swords once held by voidsent lords, this collection showcases the foes who fell before the Warrior.Current Exhibit: Shadowbringers

Dragonsong War Museum lobby, showing Ishgardian armour and some paintings.

Dragonsong War Museum

Server: Zalera, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 5, Plot 21
A historical walk-through of key events of Ishgard's thousand-year Dragonsong War, inspired by the Heavensward MSQ, side and levequests and the Encyclopedia Eorzea lorebooks. Revisit your favorite moments or discover something new!Two floors of exhibits, with a cafe and gift shop beneath to relax in!

An exhibit in the Eorzean Aquarium Crystal themed after the Alexander raids.

Eorzean Aquarium: Crystal

Server: Malboro, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Plot 59
The Eorzean Aquarium is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to bringing the fish (and fish-like marine-dwellers) of Eorzea and beyond right to your back yard! We have every aquarium fish that has been released in the wild (as of patch 6.3) on display for your viewing edification, arranged in rooms by their native habitat.▶ The Eorzean Aquariums, A Year Later


Server: Malboro, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 16, Plot 47
Explore fishing in a whole new way at The Eorzean Aquarium Annex. Down the road from the Eorzean Aquarium, the Annex is home to NINE unique special exhibits, exploring different aspects of the world of fishing. Discover the ecology of the aquatic world, see the living prehistoric fish, or find out what it was like to be a fisher during the Calamity.

The Eorzean Aquarium Sophia basement with an underwater themed screencap studio.

Eorzean Aquarium: Sophia

Server: Sophia, Materia DC (OCE)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Plot 58
Exploring Eorzea through her fish, Eorzean Aquarium Sophia features a wide variety of aquarium fish in locale themed FC rooms, a cafe, coral reef grotto, educational room and a shark receptionist!Featured in Mr. Foxclon's Neighborhood stream on March 2nd, 2023.
▶ [FFXIV] モルボルのハウジング行ってもいいですか(2023/3/2)
▶ The Eorzean Aquariums, A Year Later

An exhibit in the Eorzean Aquarium Spriggan with a river running down the centre of the room.

Eorzean Aquarium: Spriggan

Server: Spriggan, Chaos DC (EU)
Location: Goblet, Ward 20, Plot 34
The Eorzean Aquarium: Spriggan is our second not-for-profit venue, designed to allow you to view all available aquarium fish (as of patch 6.3) — this time on the European datacentres! Visit our private rooms to see the fish displayed based on the biome you'll find them in, from the freshwaters of The Source to the forests of The First.Part of the Kingdom of Lucis Group in the City of Insomnia.▶ The Eorzean Aquariums, A Year Later


Server: Alpha, Light DC (EU)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 4, Plot 49
Eorzean Aquarium Spriggan's Annex on Alpha is now open to visitors, showcasing new and creative builds centered around fish! The Annex is an extension of the aquarium that aims to explore new ways of building exhibits around themes such as cuisine, prehistoric fish, and even Allag!

Mollusc enclosures and prints in the Faculty of Conchology.

The Faculty of Conchology

Server: Alpha, Light DC (EU)
Location: Mist, Ward 23, Plot 42
The work of novice researcher Innis'a Bvalvah is not over, and we are happy to announce that the Faculty of Conchology is open to visitors! This venue welcomes any and all to visit and observe the hard working researchers as they strive to study and preserve the molluscs of our star. The Faculty features multiple exhibits, showing where and how the species live and thrive. As they make new discoveries, the exhibits may evolve.

Part of F.I.S.H. themed to be underwater, with Major General shark plushies and jellyfish lamps floating behind waterfall partitions.

Fishingway's Ichthyological Society Headquarters

Server: Sophia, Materia DC (OCE)
Location: Mist, Ward 11, Plot 49
Combining a retiring room for study and light refreshment with an underwater observation deck offering unparalleled views of the Rhotano Sea below the waves, Fishingway’s offers a place for contemplation both above and below sea level.

Fish Prints Museum lobby, showing many different anglers prints near the main staircase.

Fish Prints Museum

Server: Diabolos, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Goblet, Ward 7, Plot 60
Our purpose is to celebrate everything related to gyotaku, the art of printing a fish onto canvas. Within the Fish Prints Museum, one can visit rooms with fish specific to a single region of Eorzea and beyond. We aim to showcase every fish in the game!Currently displaying fish up to Patch 6.3, over one thousand canvases and counting.

Curiosity cabinet of Gallery Figaro, featuring taxidermies and other artifacts.

Gallery Figaro

Server: Balmung, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 1, Plot 31
Gallery Figaro is a not-for-profit art and naturalia gallery based out of Ishgard proper. Inspired by curiosity cabinets and private galleries during the Baroque period, this RP venue combines the mysterious, sacred, profane, and classical with the wonders of FFXIV.The gallery includes...
A venue featuring a curiosity cabinet exhibit and additional room exhibits.
A posh cafe for afternoon tea.
A welcoming atmosphere and open doors for maximum RP opportunities!
What will catch your eye?

Gardens of Babylon lobby showcasing the main staircase and waterfall partitions.

Gardens of Babylon

Server: Marilith, Dynamis DC (NA)
Location: Goblet, Ward 8, Plot 43
Beyond the portal lies once-forgotten ruins, now repurposed to house art and artifacts from across the star and beyond. Come and visit our expansive gallery showcasing realms near and far, and revisit pieces of history and splendor. Each gallery room tells its own story, from an adventurer's beginnings in Eorzea to the savior of all.Features of the gallery include:
Individual carrd pages to act as tour guides
Unique exhibits for nearly every zone
Rare artifacts and memorabilia

The Hall of Explorers

The Hall of Explorers

Server: Mateus, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 4, Plot 8
Step into the halls of history, recovered and restored to its former self. Opening it's doors to the people of the Holy See is the grand collection of The Curator. An esteemed trove of priceless information which boasts historical advancements in the professional world.
Boasting precious items of Coerthan history detailing the pre and post calamity influence on culture, the upstairs holds rare tablets returned from Sil’dih beneath the sands.
So much more is just beyond the foyer, to walk back astral eras to the past.

Posters and balloons from The Rising event displayed in gallery format.

House Eventful

Server: Maduin, Dynamis DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plot 13
Not quite sure if you want to purchase that old event item? Want to see how it looks for yourself in-game? House Eventful is here to help! We are a rotating showcase, putting all those unique items on display during their respective seasonal events.Current Event: The Rising

Little Norvrandt's Goblin campus lobby, themed after the Crystarium.

Little Norvrandt

Goblin Campus (New! Multi-room Experience)

Server: Goblin, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Mist, Ward 25, Plot 10
Little Norvrandt has expanded! Reimagined into a full, multi-room facility located against the sunny, white cliffs of La Noscea in Mist. From your arrival beneath the transplanted lavender trees of Lakeland, you'll follow along the Warrior of Light's journey through the regions of the First on the quest to restore the night. Eight exhibit rooms—each with their own message book to greet you—are presently available for touring, and more additions are planned for the future.

Excalibur Campus (Original Micro-Museum)

Server: Excalibur, Primal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 13, Main Division Apartment 2
The Little Norvrandt exhibit is dedicated to all who fought to save a world they'd never see again. The all-in-one micro-museum celebrates each region of the First with scenic paintings, replica textiles and furnishings, and a soothing selection of music. Step out of the frigid winds of Ishgard and let the eternal wind lift your spirits across the rift, to a world brought back from the brink of destruction.

Part of Museum Eorzea showing artifacts related to the Void, such as voidsent statues and the Mhachi Coffin.

Museum Eorzea

Server: Midgardsormr, Aether DC (NA)
Location: The Goblet, Ward 11, Plot 43
Museum Eorzea hosts a collection of artifacts and items designed to educate and inspire the exploration of culture, history, and the realms around us. Museum Eorzea, bringing distant worlds together.Note from the curator: please do not purchase any museum property from the Namazu, they are not for sale.

Part of Namafel Aquatic Museum showing different fish in aquariums and angler canvases.

Namafel Aquatic Museum

Server: Tonberry, Elemental DC (JP)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 23, Plot 41
Namafel Aquatic Museum aims to showcase all the Big Fish & Legendary Fish in the game by exhibiting them in Fish Print and Fish Tank. The showcase will be based on each zone in Eorzea (e.g. La Noscea, Thanalan, Shroud, Coerthas, etc.). Since all the fish are caught by our crew, you may find some interesting (and painful) stories when you meet us at the venue!

Part of the Nature Museum featuring a variety of plant furniture.

The Nature Museum

Server: Malboro, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Goblet, Ward 15, Plot 60
The Nature Museum is a small museum displaying different natural features of Eorzea. On display is the Flora and Fauna of Eorzea; from the deepest caves, to the thriving seas, to lush vegetation. All is on display in this Oasis in the Deserts of Thanalan.

Part of the Ocean Conservation House lobby with aquariums and a phasmascape of Costa del Sol.

Ocean Conservation House

Server: Coeurl, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Goblet, Ward 20, Plot 22
Fishing in game got you hooked? Discover your favorite wavekins' real-life counterparts! Explore the coral reef and deep sea displays, check out the self-guided tour pamphlet, and learn about conservation efforts to protect the waters these fish call home.The OCH basement currently does not match the self-guided tour due to temporary FishFest 2024 renovations. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Part of the Ravens Gallery, featuring a gold lion statue and paintings from Stormblood.

The Ravens Gallery

Server: Balmung, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Empyreum, Ward 17, Plot 42
The Ravens Gallery first opened in May of 2023. Located in Empyreum, we have gathered every painting from the lookout points from Eorzea to the edge of the universe. Our museum is a fun spot for an outing: come peruse our gift shop, visit our themed exhibit rooms, or just hang out and socialize! In each room of our main gallery, you can see paintings from the expansions, as well as artifacts from the areas represented. In our themed gallery rooms, our FC members have decorated to represent individual regions in the game, showcasing the paintings from each location.

Part of Softly's Art Gallery showing some paintings from the Heavensward sightseeing log.

Softly's Art Gallery

Server: Goblin, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 27 Subdivision, Apartment 1
Softly's Art Gallery, resting at the top suite of the Lavender Beds subdistrict, presents paintings of Eorzea's vistas and views from far beyond! Come enjoy the Gridania styled gallery space as we update our displayed art collection throughout the year.Current Collection: Ships and Seas, a collection of sea vessel paintings and water-ward vistas.

Part of Sygnus Curiosities' lobby showing many different sculptures, unique furniture items, paintings, and more.

Sygnus Curiosities

Server: Mateus, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 7
Stop by to view a cozy collection of curiosities organized by cultural relevance. From the electric ancient Allag to the rustic lifestyle of the Steppes, there's sure to be something to spark your inspiration. After your walk-through, feel free to enjoy a beaver burger and relax in the downstairs community lounge!

Part of the Tranquil Retreat's basement showing various boss figurines and seasonal event posters.

The Tranquil Retreat

Server: Diabolos, Crystal DC (NA)
Location: Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Plot 46
The Tranquil Retreat is a museum where you can sit back, relax, and let time fade away. Featuring statues, posters, collectables, and much more, the museum showcases items throughout the years of Final Fantasy XIV starting from the game's relaunch in 2.0. Come take your time to look around and enjoy the collection!

Nophica's Tidings lobby with rainbow potted flowers.

Trillium Gardens

Server: Maduin, Dynamis DC (NA)
Locations: Lavender Beds, Ward 14, Plots 19 and 22, Apartments 2, 8, 14, and 19
Trillium Gardens is a small collective of greenhouses and gardens featuring the flora of Eorzea and more. Come visit our multiple locations in the same Lavender Beds ward!

  • NEW! Florum Vale (Plot 18) — An overgrown dungeon full of monstrous flora, inspired by Saint Mocianne's Arboretum and Aurum Vale

  • Nophica's Tidings (Plot 22) — Native plants from Aldenard and Othard; indoor potted flowers, featuring a different species in all colour variations every two weeks

  • Mandragora Nursery (Apartment 2) — A greenhouse with an observation deck where you can study a small colony of mandragoras

  • Lydha Uin (Apartment 8) — A little slice of Norvrandt brought home to the Source

  • NEW! Vivarium Viridi (Apartment 14) — A vibrantly verdant branch of Trillium Gardens

  • NEW! Wayward Otter (Apartment 19) — A Far Eastern garden under the moon and stars where you can drink some tea with odd friends